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Creating a new Web application with Roxy

Roxy is a framework created by the Vanguard team within MarkLogic. It has the capability to deploy a set of application code in to a MarkLogic REST instance.

This tutorial shows how to create and deploy a new Roxy Hybrid application.

The full tutorial can be found on my blog at the below URL.


This tutorial is a video with audio only.

The next tutorial is used to install mljs and the browser widgets in to a Roxy application. It must be done after the above tutorial.


This tutorial includes video and audio, with a full set of text instructions.

Easier app creation

There is now an MLJS WebServer application that uses Node.js to create a web application. If you already have a REST API instance, this is a much easier way to get started with a pure REST API MLJS based application.

See the app-workplace.tar.gz. file in the dist folder of the GitHub repo for an example, with README documentation.

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